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Weave ZZT Livestream - ZOZ (Part 5) - Feat. WiL


Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jan 23, 2023
Part of Series: ZOZ - Featuring WiL
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Livestream of the Weave ZZT world "ZOZ" by WiL (2022). Originally streamed on January 20th, 2023
• (1:13:33) End of Ad Break 1 (But WiL is on mic for the duration of the ad-break so who knows what great insight you'll miss if you skip it)

The next chapter in ZOZ which flies by in comparison to the previous few. WiL reveals that my style of deck (Always be Flowing) was not one used by testers making its capabilities all the more exciting for me. Speaking of flowing, this chapter is all about the water with foes being aquatic creatures with scary teeth.

A single bad encounter puts a nasty card in my deck and I spent so much time trying to get to a spot where I could get rid of it for free that I kind of just finished the chapter pretty much. Eventually getting to fight the boss which once again gets pretty scary as I ran out of fades and took some nasty attacks, but continue the deathless run.

...Mostly because WiL was walking me through so much of the early game when I didn't really know what I was doing.

This one ends just at the start of the next intermission before the final chapter.

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