Removal Policy

The Museum of ZZT is dedicated to preserving ZZT and its culture for better or for worse. Removal is strongly discouraged as all content removed is a part of ZZT's history. Though sometimes juvenile or embarassing to witness today, this content is a wonderful source of independent game developers' creativity. You are urged to reconsider removal as its effects on preservation are likely far stronger than any personal benefit from removing this content.

That being said, the original authors of these worlds still retain full ownership of the content they have produced and may opt out of having their past works shared. This may be specific content, or a full withdrawal from the site.

The Museum is open to modifying database information to replace an author of a file with "Unlisted" signifying the author's request for privacy if this is the underlying issue. (The hosted files will not be modified and may still contain identifying information.) This should at least be sufficient enough to prevent the data from being crawled by indexers.

Removal from the Museum consists of all of the following being removed:

Please note that removal from the Museum does NOT include removal from's ZZT collection nor z2.

Removed content may be reinstated later at the author's request.

All that being said, if you wish for some of your content to be removed from the project, please contact Dr. Dos with detailed information on what content you wish to see deleted.