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Welcome to the Museum of ZZT, a site dedicated to the preservation and curation of the many games and worlds created with ZZT.

ZZT is a text-mode game from 1991 created by Tim Sweeney of Epic Games. ZZT has its own editor and scripting language which offers what may still be an unmatched level of accessibility to beginning game developers. A significant number of ZZT worlds were created by authors in their early teenage years, with some being made by children under 10. ZZT's simple ZZT-OOP scripting language gave many a friendly introduction to programming.

The goal of the Museum of ZZT site is to collect these worlds, offer discussions into them and the community built around them, and keep them safely preserved. It is the hope of the Museum that the generally unknown works of ZZT community can be easily discovered and that their importance can be recognized.

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Modern Tools and Resources

Dr. Dos
Nov. 30, 2021
A collection of modern editors, image coverters, wikis, and other useful resources getting some overdue exposure

Livestream - Rogue Three

Dr. Dos
Nov. 29, 2021
queu is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

Publication Pack - Vol. 29 - 9 World Feast

Dr. Dos
Nov. 25, 2021
Publication Pack
Learn about good game design and bad beverage design
Title Author Date Category Summary
Livestream - Blood Oath: Trials of the Wyrm Dr. Dos Nov. 23, 2021 Livestream =^.--.^= everybody cower before my big strong dragon boyfriend~
Livestream - Tyrobain (Part 2) Dr. Dos Nov. 22, 2021 Livestream A dramatic shift to dungeon crawling as this Super ZZT RPG continues to astound
Closer Look: LOME Dr. Dos Nov. 20, 2021 Closer Look Lions And Tigers And Mayors! Oh My!
Livestream - Meet The Tardigrades! Dr. Dos Nov. 15, 2021 Livestream Drumstick your way to the battle of the bands and beyond in this Beatles/Star Wars mash-up
Livestream - Tyrobain (Part 1) Dr. Dos Nov. 13, 2021 Livestream The start of a grand journey to save everyone from ruffians with tigers and rapid construction
Featured World: Super Archaeologist Simulator Dr. Dos Nov. 10, 2021 Featured Game This is an artifact. It belongs in a museum.
Livestream - Samantha Arantes vs. Karid-X2 Dr. Dos Nov. 8, 2021 Livestream Always look both ways before crossing the street!
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Title File Author Date Rating
"A fun and clever demonstration" portalzzt Zephyr Nov. 15, 2021 4.5
"Now this is how retro's done." Kobold Smoocher Agent Orange Oct. 24, 2021 4.0
"Compelling Short Form Horror Story" AMOEBOID Dr_Dos Oct. 24, 2021
"Love letter to simple things" BUYSO asie Oct. 23, 2021
"It's good." Phoebus Project delphi Oct. 20, 2021
"good for if you need to go to the dentist" AAAAAAAA RT-55J Oct. 17, 2021
"Who enjoys this game???" The Game of XYZABCDE astolfo573 Oct. 8, 2021 1.5
"The Longer You Go The Less Comfortable You Get" The White Album Dr_Dos Sept. 18, 2021
"Incredible Premise" Indiana Jones and the Fate of Zebes RT-55J Sept. 17, 2021
"Better than undertale" Phoebus Project astolfo573 Sept. 10, 2021 5.0
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