Mass Downloads

By today's standards, ZZT's worlds are incredibly small downloads. A complete collection of all files hosted on the Museum of ZZT amounts to roughly 200 MB compressed.

Because of their small size, automatically updated bulk downloads are made available to download. Due to potential collisions with file names (as well as issues with ZZT only being capable of listing 1024 worlds), they have been split up by release year for ZZT worlds and by file type for non-ZZT files.

Note that since these downloads consist of nothing more than a zip file filled with dozens of zip files you may wind up downloading plenty of duplicate copies of executables, fonts, or other content.

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File Zips Updated
ZZT Worlds - Unknown
ZZT Worlds - 1991
ZZT Worlds - 1992
ZZT Worlds - 1993
ZZT Worlds - 1994
ZZT Worlds - 1995
ZZT Worlds - 1996
ZZT Worlds - 1997
ZZT Worlds - 1998
ZZT Worlds - 1999
File Zips Updated
ZZT Worlds - 2000
ZZT Worlds - 2001
ZZT Worlds - 2002
ZZT Worlds - 2003
ZZT Worlds - 2004
ZZT Worlds - 2005
ZZT Worlds - 2006
ZZT Worlds - 2007
ZZT Worlds - 2008
ZZT Worlds - 2009
File Zips Updated
ZZT Worlds - 2010-2019
ZZT Worlds - 2020-2029
Super ZZT Worlds
ZIG Worlds
ZZM Audio Files
Featured Worlds