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Weave ZZT Livestream - ZOZ (Part 4) - Feat. WiL

Conquering the skies and succumbing the the sea, at least until Carcie introduces herself in dramatic fashion, but is she friend or foe?

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jan 15, 2023
Part of Series: ZOZ - Featuring WiL
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Livestream of the Weave ZZT world "ZOZ" by WiL (2022)

In which we conquer the air and are brutally defeated by the sea.

Facing off against the next boss, a flying jet by the name of AIRCROW (with Airwolf theme, 'natch), the story kicks into high gear as we board the defeated ship and learn the secrets of its involuntary operation resulting in a new rescue mission.

This in turn leads us to the bottom of the ocean and what should be a fatal disaster only to be saved the cool and mysterious Carcie whose motives have yet to be revealed, but she seems quite interested in our character's abilities to understand schematics for the bracers used for our card dealing ways.

An intermission between chapters also provides some insight into the player character's childhood, with a heated argument and some strong consequences with a child caught in the middle of things. Both character and myself being unsure of exactly what happened...

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