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Wildcard Stream Vol. 22B - Vampire Immortal (Finale)

Getting a four year degree and leveraging it into a unique job opportunity of "vampire hitman"

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Nov 1, 2022
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams

Livestream of the ZZT world "Vampire Immortal" by Ryan Kelly
(Originally streamed November 6th, 2022)
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Playing the vast majority of Vampire Immortal after an all too short introduction last Sunday.

Folks, this one is a winner. It's not often that these Wildcard streams deal a good hand, and after most of last week's games were a slog, Vampire Immortal arrived to save the day. The game is is sprawling adventure through mountains, caves, dungeons, and of course colleges on your quest to rid the land of the vampire that has been driving the people into poverty.

The world is quite open-ended with many locations being reachable in multiple ways. The game offers multiple modes of play as well. Will you honor your father's wishes to save the tiny island from the vampires? Or will you seek power yourself, becoming an undead horror yourself, drinking the blood of the innocent, and serving your lord. Or do you seek yet greater power?

There are a handful of issues that unfortunately plague the adventure keeping it from being easily recommended to newcomers. In a few instances, turning down offers and trying to accept them again later won't function properly. A board on the coastline relies on the player never visiting it prior to exiting from a cave otherwise it can't be reached as intended due to a passage error. Worst of all, the final board of the game has been destroyed due to the game's Super Lock which prevents you from finishing the final quest for those who have opted to become a vampire leaving the game ending abruptly as if it were incomplete. Also, despite every board appearing to be an original creation, a single puzzle screen is a slightly tweaked version of "Oh No, Another Weird Puzzle!" from Caves of ZZT making for an unexpected and unnecessary streak of sudden plagiarism.

Despite the troubles to see everything, this one really impressed and was very much worth playing. Definitely one of the best games these streams have provided so far.

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