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Wildcard Stream Vol. 21 - Spooky Sunday

Infinite shotguns for infinite reasons. A very sound set of somewhat spooky worlds!

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Oct 19, 2022
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams
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♦ Livestream of the following 4 ZZT worlds ♦
• (0:00) "The Dark Power, Chapter 1: The Ring of Immortality" by VidPaul (1995) []
• (17:04) "Phsyco-Ville" by DarkMage (1997) []
• (40:25) "The X-Files" by Joyce Cheuk []
• (55:49) "Army of Darkness (v2.0)" by Teraptus13 (1996) []
(Originally streamed October 16th, 2022)

A very set of solid games this stream!

Starting with "The Dark Power" which is actually a "Dark Tower" fan game. There's not a whole lot there, but the opening board and scene of the tower exterior are looking pretty impressive for a 1997 ZZT world. Very much lacking in ammo though unless you spend a lot of time exploiting a programming error in the gun store to gain infinite ammo in small quantities.

"Phsyco-Ville" is next, an earlier Nivek title that's an action game with effort clearly put in that suffers from repetitiveness, a lack of ammo, and relying on an outdated "escape from the mental hospital!!" story. It's a bit slow, but it feels like an early attempt at a pure object-based action style of gameplay that you'd see become more popular in the early 2000s. It feels ahead of its time in that way even if the actual combat is pretty average.

"The X-Files" is Joyce Cheuk's first game, and the second X-Files game of hers to be streamed. This time Agent Mulder is being hunted down by an unknown assailant and must rescue a captured Scully or retire for her to be set free. Fun writing makes this one a treat to run through.

Finally, "Army of Darkness" is a ZZT take on the film of the same name. It includes the usual dialog you'd expect and serves as a pretty quick retelling of the film's events. This one is noteable for being by the author of Duke Nukem ZZT which was a childhood favorite of myself and a few others. It's only after uploading this version 2.0 that I realized the Museum already hosts a later 3.0 release with addditional scenes that looks like it fills in the gaps in the story out a bit better.

Still though, all four games were playable, and fun to share with everybody. Not a bad hand at all.

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