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Wildcard Stream Vol. 19 - Super Games For ZZT

Some adventures that aren't quite as super as they'd like to be

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Sep 29, 2022
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams
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♦ Livestream of the following 5 ZZT worlds ♦
• (0:00) "Super Maze" by MIK042 []
• (3:00) "Super Maze" (File 2)
• (6:03) "Super Unlock Test World!" by mboxall []
• (14:37) "Super Adventure" by Unknown (1995) []
• (58:24) Ad-Break Ends
• (1:04:37) "Super Adventure" by THKikr (1995) []
(Originally streamed September 25th, 2022)

A whole bunch of Super games that generally aren't. The two games included in the Super Maze collection are both single board mazes with the player racing against a timer and otherwise little danger. There's an offer to buy more mazes for 20 cents each, an incredible value for sure.

The Super Unlock Test World is an explanation of how you can default Super Locks in ZZT by pressing ESCAPE from the board select screen rather than ENTER. This isn't very interesting to play, but is more notable from a historical perspective as we don't really know who figured out this information, when they found it out, and how it spread to become fairly common knowledge. It's a shame the file is dated late 2020! Getting a better idea of the when-question would have been nice.

The first "Super Adventure", augie1.zzt, is an editor playground game divided up into several multiple boards making up each level. There's a secret bonus level hinted at that doesn't take too long to figure out how to access. There's the occasional bit of silly dialog that makes this one a little better than most yellow bordered adventures. The definitive feature is the included tour of game which takes the player and a tour guide object across a few copies of various boards in the game. While this is a neat feature, unlike TOUR.ZZT's look at worlds the player didn't have, this just spoils the surprises and none of the boards are the kind you'd be excited to play a second time.

The second "Super Adventure" is unrelated to the previous except in name. It's a 1995 world that really goes all out with STK graphics for the era. Your grandfather's talisman has been stolen, and it's up to you to figure out what happened, leading to some family drama and a threat that could lead to the revival of the evil prince Rafar returning from his imprisonment to conquer the Earth! The game doesn't guide the player particularly well so it's easy to wander around lost, and unfortunately as the game goes on bugs become more and more frequent, making for a game that can't be completed without cheats. It might actually be unfinished? With the necessary bug fixes, (and perhaps making sure the player visits the town before they do anything else), there could have been something half decent here.

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