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Livestream - Chrono Wars 6 and 7

Fight bears in VR, stop a virus by cutting an electrical cable, and then hop into another reality...

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: May 24, 2021
Part of Series: Chrono Wars Chronology
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Livestream of the ZZT worlds "Chrono Wars VI" and "Chrono Wars VIII" by Chronos30 (1997+)

After a brief setback on a Martian colony in 30,000,000 BC the gang returns to the present where things aren't quite right. Unexpected portions of the Earth are now desert, and the labs where all this started are significantly larger thanks to being ran by Jane who has kept her promise of not time traveling by instead "reality traveling". New villains are met and quickly discarded in favor of more new villains.

Far too much time is spent in VR fighting ruffians and bears via a tedious RPG engine.

Eventually the Tripoli itself is upgraded with reality travel support and just in time too, as an alliance spy threatens to destroy everything...

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