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Livestream - Chrono Wars 4 through 6

By: Dr. Dos
Published: May 17, 2021

Less blinking, more glitching and cheating. What may be the actual plot begins forming??

Livestream of the ZZT worlds "Chrono Wars IV" through (some of) "Chrono Wars VI" by Chronos30 (1997+)

Continuing our adventure through space and time. In this stream we manage to wrap things up on Time Base Atlas and are very rudely jettisoned from orbit down to a prison below below the station. It's a dangerous place and not everybody manages to escape alive.

After a bizarre escape (in which ZZT begins to collapse for reasons currently unknown), the surviving crew meets up with Cal, steals a time machine carrier ship and sets off to stop the alliance from having full control over time travel? Maybe? Listen these games are confusing.

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