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Authored By: Tim Sweeney/xabbott
Published: Unknown
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Transcription (by xabbot)

	  Best of ZZT
	Contest Results
Over 200 ZZTers entered their game worlds into the Best Of
ZZT contest, and we were amzed by the number of truly
excellent games. So the contest kept expanding, until it
spawned a whole new ZZT series.

We rearranged the categories to give more awards to people.
Winners are receiving a grand total of over $3000 in gift
certificates from Epic MegaGames!

Grand Prizes: These six complete game worlds were so
great that they finished in a 6-way tie. These games make
up the new "ZZT's Revenge" collection.

Todd Daggert	"Ezanya"
Allen Pilgrim	"Fantasy"
Adam Rixey	"Smiley Guy"
Alan Zeman	"Manor"
Dave Bishop	"Darbytown"

We at Epic were impressed by these game worlds that we
recruited some of the authors! You'll be seeing the works
of Allen Pilgrim, Todd Daggert, and Adam Rixey in
upcoming VGA releases from Epic MegaGames!

Big Prizes: These authors created excellent game boards
which appear in Best of ZZT:

Alan Zeman	Steven Henson
Scott Hudson	Lester Overfelt
Tome Breton	Dave
Dave Long	Christy Huss
Joe White	Helen Langston
Judy Paden	Nathan Fields
Peter Stearns	Dave Jarvis
Joe White	Adam Hocherman
David Fox	Helen Gee
Nick Mitchell	Nathan Sniadecki
Martin Taylor	Dan Rubado
Christy&Bobby Huss

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	     Best of ZZT
	More about the contest
Special thanks go to Neil Colonius and his wife, who
together took on the huge task of testing and fixing up the
contest entries. Neil also drew maps for the six games in
the ZZT's Revenge series and wrote the hint sheets. For this monumental task, they are receiving gift
certificates for
our next eight releases!

Thanks also go to Scott Hudson, who patched all of the
winning game boards together into the two Best of ZZT
game worlds. Scott is an expericenced gamer, so don't
expect Best of ZZT to be easy!

I really want to stress that there were an overwhelming
number of great entries, so we picked a variety of game
styles for the top prizes.Everybody won something, and
we had as good a time playing the games as you had
creating them. Congratulations!

     How to get your hands on these great games
Both "Best of ZZT" game worlds are available as shareware.
Lots of ZZTers ordered Best of ZZT in advanced and are
receiving it now, but if you missed out...

If you have a  modem, you can download Best of ZZT from
the Misty Mountain BBS in New Jersey at 1-609-985-3215.
The bulletin board, run by Chip Hageman, also features a
ZZT developers confrence and lots of other new ZZT
worlds free for downloading.

Or if you buy ZZT's Revenge series from Epic
MegaGames,you also receive Best of ZZT as a free bonus.
ZZT's Revenge is a series os six great game worlds with
loads of action and puzzles -- a little bit (or lots) of
something for everybody.

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Honorable Mentions go to these game designers for submitting very, very good entries:

Aaron Dutton & Bobby Barber
Aaron Lewis
Barbara Florant
Billy Thomas
Casey McLaughlin
Casey Webster
Chris Hudson
Christy Huss
Dan Rubado
Daniel Laursen
Dave King

David Fox
David Long
David Starchmon
Donald Cunningham
Gail Eppers
Gary Spencer
Gavin Myers
Helen Langston
James Blevins
James Holub
Janet Perry
Jeff Snavely

Jeffrey Scanlon
Jesse Chang
John & Sue Hayes
John Beck
John Hoelle
John Reaves
Joshua Salter
Joshua Shagam
Katja Thomas
Lee Savage
Lester Overfelt
Malvern Davis

Nancy Babyak & Jay Shapiro
Nathan Fields
Robbie Powell
Ronald St-Hirour
Scott Lantz
Stephanie Evey
Thomas Barber
Tom Breton
Will Prentice
William Ford
William Oviatt
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