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Authored By: Tim Sweeney/xabbott
Published: Unknown
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Transcription (by xabbot)

Premier Issue
Epic MegaGames Letter
Volume 1, Number 1	Spring 1992

The Epic MegaGames newsletter has finally arrived! This bulletin began back in 1991 as
'The ZZT Newsletter' and now transforming into a much larger format.

1992 will be a very good year for computer entertainment, and you can expect our design
teams to be on top of technology to bring you the latest and greatest in games for your PC.
Epic MegaGame is now a group of 20 programmers, artist, game designers, and
musicians who will work to bring you games that you want to play!

THis issue kicks off with the latest and greatest release in the ZZT series: ZZT's Revenge,
a collection of six great game worlds. You can also look forward to more excitement from
Epic MegaGames soon - over the next eight months, we will be releasing five new state-of-
the-art games with 256-color graphics and professional musical sound tracks... Stay tuned!

	Thanks for being part of our team,
	Tim Sweeney

   Current Hits:
The Original ZZT:  Our bestselling arcade
	adventure game, which turned Epic
	MegaGames into a true software
Super ZZT:  The much-improved sequel,
	featuring colorful scrolling playfields,
	is rapidly catching up to the original!
Best of ZZT:  A collection of the best ZZT
	game boards from our game design
ZZT's Revenge:  The latest and greatest ZZT
	series ever, with six huge game
	worlds - brave adventures only!
Drum Blaster (coming soon!)  If you have a
	Sound Blaster, you'll spend endless
	hours with this release created by
	Larry Tipton.

What's In this Issue
■ Best of ZZT contest results

■ High scores for original ZZT
   Many ZZTers who entered beat my
   best scores, how embarassing!

■ How to use the Super ZZT game editor
   Surprise, it's in there!

■ The ZZT Advisor
   Hot tips for playing ZZT

■ Hot news about ZZT's Revenge, our
   latest series of game worlds.
Epic MegaGames  10406 Hulbrook DrivePotomac  MD 20854
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