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Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: May 6, 2024
Part of Series: Montha-Zeux Streams
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♦ Livestream of 2020s MegaZeux games. ♦

Capping off the Montha-Zeux with a look at some of the more notable releases of the past 5 years. There's a lot here that would very much be worth going back to! Not bad for thirty years. Still no centipedes though.

(2:43) FATSCII - What should be little more than a custom character set inspired by PETSCII graphics, ends up being an absolutely gorgeous character set with a good dozen-ish examples of theoretical implementations. Everything in here looks so appealing!
(17:27) Spooky boi - A short sprite-based vertical platformer about getting others to comply with your demands on social media.
(22:05) The Worst Maze Ever - I had to see if it lived up to its title. It's certainly a bad maze, but I wouldn't say it's the _worst_ maze.
(24:14) Insomnia Simluator - A Day BKZX game made in two hours. You have a flight tomorrow and need to get some sleep. That's not going to happen. Give up now. Plus, beating ZZT's Freelance Dungeon the punch with its tea brewing and bladder managing mechanics.
(29:13) Labyrinth: I/O - I knew there'd be an FPS in here somewhere. In still images, it looks phoenominal for what I was expecting of MegaZeux, easily comparable to Wolfenstein 3D even with its more limited palette. In practice, the movement is cell-to-cell and the turning is just jerky enough to be unpleasant. Still, a very cool concept.
(33:00) Pandemonium Buster - A very impressive shmup simultaneously created for a Bullet Hell jam and a Black and White graphics jam. This feels like some weird MS-DOS game from 2001 you'd stumble across and be glad you did. Almost unrecognizable as a MegaZeux creation compared to its older days.
(42:33) Time Bomb - A Bomberman styled arcade game, that does look like a MegaZeux creation from its older days. Navigate a single screen maze collecting coins and blowing up critters with explosives. Try not to get got yourself!
(46:55) Campaign Against SZZT - ZZT community meme game where for a short while everyone was porting Timcomput's anti-Super ZZT screed world to any medium they could find. MegaZeux included.
(51:48) Yternis Magissa Novella - Magical Girl Game! Magical Girl Game! This one also looks more like a bespoke DOS game or maybe like, GBA even. Some real good work being done with the graphics here. Plays a bit like a Zelda or Crystalis with a transformation mechanic as you stop a monster invasion.
(1:00:30) Lover's Loop - A challenging platformer where your beloved has been cursed and you must find the cure, collecting upgrades and not landing on spikes. Then, upon rescuing her, it's your turn to be cursed and her turn to rescue you! This is another one that's high on the list of games to return to with its simple mechanics, challenging screen design, and generous checkpoints.
(1:10:45) Yternis Magissa Novella (Again) - I forgot I was going to look in the editor for this one as the world and what the player sees are not similar at all.
(1:17:00) HELLQUEST II - Enter the HELL SYSTEM, a supercomputer embedded in the fabric of the universe. When its AI goes rogue and your twin sisters are disconnect their minds from the virtual world, it's up to you to find them. Luckily you have a neutron gun for this sort of thing. Imagine an overhead Metroid? Big chunky pixel graphics make for small boards that take up the entire screen and provide zippy action. This one seems very cool. Plus, a good shark man.
(1:26:13) Egg Smasher - Smash them eggs! Just some fancy spritework for a very colorful engine that looks like it wants to become a Cute-em-up!

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♦ Originally streamed on April 28th, 2024 ♦

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