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"The MegaZeux can produce mind-boggling effects" - EGM

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Apr 30, 2024
Part of Series: Montha-Zeux Streams
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This time we take a look at showcase worlds that preview (historically) upcoming games and show off some of the impressive effects MZX became more and more capable of over the years.

(1:20) Xenogenesis - Origins of "Funky Monkey Vomit" a FUll MOtion Video project consisting of a 3D rotating Autmun Dreams logo. Inspired folks to give up on ever making anything so cool. Now quaint! Other included effects are a more reasonable sample of what folks would do with MZX at the time, plus a number of previews for games which mostly did not come out.
(22:08) Lost Summons of FF:DP - Two fancy summon animations for a Final Fantasy game. You got your Shiva, and you got your Bahamut. Cool character designs relying on swapping boards to play the animations before cutting back to the RPG engine.
(24:28) The Dark Corner - It's like a PlayStation 1 era demo disc. First person mazes, ultra violent smiley death, side-scrolling, a colorful Zelda-like, and some "singing" digitized photos. Plus an incredible looking game about Frogs taking over the world with some peak character design.
(58:00) Sprite Catcher - A basic tech demo showing off MegaZeux's then new sprite system.
(1:00:22) DoZ Invitation - Some fancy geometric animations and plasma effects and an invitation to join the latest Day of Zeux competition. Say hi to Exophase.
(1:01:44) Firefly OP - You know, the early 2000s sci-fi show? Now you can watch the introduction in a much more accurate depiction of FMV.
(1:03:13) Kill 'em All - A demo showing off per-pixel movement in a tiny appoximately Game Boy sized screen. Meant to be a parody of Pokemon but I saw not a single monster.
(1:07:55) Duky Inc Anniversary Collection - A timeline showing the history of ZZT/MZX company Duky Inc, plus a new of demos, many of which aim for edgyness.
(1:18:00) y4m2smzx - More video conversations, this time as of 2010. Whether the video is more timely or not is a matter of personal taste.
(1:18:54) Rewrite OP - Another anime OP. I know and continue to know nothing about this one. The show logo 100% looks like a MegaZeux title screen though.
(1:21:07) ChaosRunner Magazine - A very Windows 3.1 magazine that creates a fake history of the company's ZZT and MZX releases? Like made up screenshots and stuff of games from the 90s that did not exist. Love the OS look though.
(1:26:46) Nobo's Airship Engine - What I thought was a joke because it was broke has turned out to be a little flying airship engine that relied on some very version specific MZX behavior that modern versions weren't replicating correctly! That makes this stream important.
(1:30:40) Mode 7 Airship Engine - A modern take on Nobo's engine. Fly high above a rotatable world map and listen to the soothing sounds of CV_BALON.MOD
(1:34:30) 640x350 Hi-Res Graphics Demo - Using sprites to cover the board and just display some hi-res (I mean, you know) images. Includes some nice scenery and a lady in lingere, ooh la la.
(1:38:03) MZVPlay - The latest video player demonstration, celebrating Steamboat Willie entering the public domain. It desynced on us past a certain point, but here the inherent graininess of these video conversions actually works in MegaZeux's favor. This mouse loves to harass animals!!

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♦ Originally streamed on April 24th, 2024 ♦

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