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Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Apr 28, 2024
Part of Series: Montha-Zeux Streams
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♦ Livestream of MegaZeux games from the 2010s ♦

More Mega-Zeux! Previously I've been writing too much and hitting YouTube's description so I'm trying to be a bit more brief this time. This time it's the 2010s and at this point the limitations have mostly been shed, except when making games to specifically invoke older eras because 90s MZX nostalgia exists by this point.

(2:04) Labyrinth of Zeux - Coming full circle and recreating the first Zeux game, a standalone text-mode platformer for DOS within MegaZeux itself. A cute little puzzle platformer that sets up the groundwork for Caverns of Zeux.
(11:29) Prisons of MegaZuex [sic] - A retro throwback game with exploding toilets, a prison escape, and a lot of trolly puzzles.
(21:35) augh! - Another fine falling block game that will certainly look familiar to anyone at first. However instead of getting faster as you clear lines something else happens that will cause the game's name to suddenly make a whole lot of sense. A must for Achewood readers.
(31:50) Fair Lady Warning - A platformer with large characters, starring a princess who must stop an evil witch that formerly served the kingdom before beginning "dreadful experiments". You get a nice little dash mechanic, and a short sword that's too dang short. Very challenging!
(39:13) Deport Dungeons - A post-apocalyptic puzzle RPG by Otto Germain of Ned/Bernard fame. This may be my favorite of all the games I played this month. Excellent worldbuilding combined with challenging puzzles that (at least what I saw) are a bit Chip's Challenge and a bit Deadly Rooms of Death. Navigate labyrinthine rooms without being killed, but don't worry, you're merely a vessel.
(1:01:11) Doomzx - A Doom inspired MZX game that features the approprirate monsters and weaponry, but plays differently enough (and has enough story) that it feels very much like its own thing. Incredibly fun chainsaw use in this overhead action game with lots of familiar sounds.
(1:18:25) xxy - A rather strange game where you have the ability to take the form of various creatures which each have their own abilities. Explore an odd world, or just visit the school. There's a lot going on here and I barely scratched the surface I'm sure.
(1:30:35) Ordnance - Visually, a simple ASCII platformer that looks like someone's first experiment with MZX side-scrolling. Turns out, it's a big ole Metroidvania that puts code page 437 to work with flashy explosions and animations.
(1:41:05) Fallen - A very fast paced action game. You are a genetically engineered super soldier who wants out of the business. So you set off for the dungeon! Very quick moving monsters combined with tiny boards leads to a very frantic game. Also the bullets seem to be from the old DOS gmae Snarf?
(1:44:30) Red - A dungeon crawling RPG that uses SMZX mode 3 for some really intricate sprites. Seems like it would be a PC RPG of the early 90s. I didn't play nearly enough of it to get a good feel though.

♦ Play these worlds ♦

♦ Originally streamed on April 21st, 2024 ♦

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