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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL 2019 Dr. Dos Engine, Utility Dec. 30, 2019
DL 2020 dot ZZT Dr. Dos Art, Engine, Utility Dec. 29, 2020
DL Aura Dr. Dos Action Dec. 22, 2004 4.50
DL Aura (Beta) Dr. Dos Arcade Dec. 4, 2004
DL Aura (Incomplete 2004-11-13) Dr. Dos Arcade, Incomplete Nov. 13, 2004
DLs… Bear With Me Dr. Dos Mower Quality Games Action, Adventure, Contest Oct. 31, 2021
DL Berzerk 2000 Dr. Dos Action March 3, 2001 1.25
DL COVID Maker 19 Dr. Dos Art, Experimental May 24, 2020 4.00
DL Determination Engine Dr. Dos Engine, RPG, Remake Oct. 6, 2015
DLs… Doug Tudeap in: The Ore Gone Trail Dr. Dos Mower Quality Games Arcade, Contest, Engine, Ludum Dare April 26, 2021
DL Fuzzy Love Horror Dr. Dos Cinema Oct. 31, 2005 4.38
DL Hugo's House of Horrors ZZT Dr. Dos Adventure, Engine, Experimental, Puzzle Dec. 30, 2019
DL Idiot Police Demo SPAZM0016, Dr. Dos Global Gaming Interactive Adventure, Demo July 13, 2000
DL Let The Circle Be Unbroken Dr. Dos Edutainment May 28, 2002
DLs… The Mars Rover Dr. Dos Adventure July 29, 2020
DL Mooseka Rules With An Iron Fist Dr. Dos Cinema June 2, 2004 4.62
DL Mooseka Rules With an Iron Fist: 3rd Reich Edition Dr. Dos Cinema June 25, 2007
DL Own of ZZT Dr. Dos Parody, Puzzle Feb. 23, 2008 5.00
DL Pennsylvania News Dr. Dos Art, Magazine Sept. 10, 2021
DL Pilot Wings Dr. Dos Arcade, Engine May 14, 2001
DL Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Three Pak! Dr. Dos Compilation, Incomplete, Story Aug. 16, 2015
DLs… Project dQw4w9Wg Dr. Dos Mower Quality Games Cinema, Contest, Experimental, Music Oct. 20, 2021
DL Pure STK Dr. Dos, Alexis Janson, Chronos30, WiL Utility Aug. 10, 2002 4.00
DL Quickhack Dr. Dos Action, Contest, Fantasy, Ludum Dare, RPG April 22, 2017
DL Ruins of ZZT Dr. Dos Adventure, Contest, Ludum Dare Aug. 29, 2016 5.00
DL Simple Games for Simple Minds Dr. Dos Arcade Nov. 30, 2003 2.40
DL Sisyphus Dr. Dos Experimental April 25, 2019 3.50
DL So Long and Thanks For All the Yiff Dr. Dos Compilation Aug. 9, 2006
DL SolidHUD v5 Dr. Dos Utility Sept. 19, 2021
DL This is an engine It seems to involve zombies Dr. Dos Engine June 25, 2007
DL The Unknowable Timothy Billings Dr. Dos Horror, Story Feb. 13, 2019 4.50
DLs… Upsidetown Dr. Dos, Tim Sweeney Adventure, Experimental, Font, Remake Aug. 19, 2020
DL Virus 302 Special Edition Dr. Dos Global Gaming Interactive Adventure, RPG, Remake April 6, 2002
DLs… Wake Up and Save the World Dr. Dos Contest, Parody Nov. 2, 2020 4.00
DL Wake Up and Unlock the Door Dr. Dos Mower Quality Games Engine, Experimental June 22, 2021
DL Weekend of ZZT October 2005 [Exception/Fascism] Ando, Dr. Dos, Kjorteo, Nedemai, Nondescript, Stak Contest, WoZZT Oct. 3, 2005
DL Window Fragments Dr. Dos Story March 28, 2018
DL ZZT Chrome Dr. Dos Utility Dec. 30, 2019
DL ZZT-POOP Dr. Dos Utility June 16, 2013
DL zztee Yenrab, Gingermuffins, Dr. Dos, Quantum P. Engine, Utility Aug. 28, 2010
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