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Title Author Genre Size Rating Play
H20 Revolution SolidFrog Puzzle 16.0 KB 2.50 / 5.00 Play
Hacked ZZMPlay Aetsch, Atrocity Utility 54.9 KB None Play
The Hacker's Guide to ZZT JMStuckman Help, Other 16.1 KB 1.00 / 5.00 Play
The Hague: City behind the Dunes Hercules, Hydra Adventure 23.0 KB None Play
The Hall of Stuff Benjamin Lawrence Action 7.4 KB None Play
Hallucina Lord Igsel, Fishfood Adventure, Comedy 31.1 KB 4.40 / 5.00 Play
Hallucina 1383890 Fishfood, Lord Igsel 24HoZZT 34.4 KB 3.17 / 5.00 Play
Halo 8 Insane Moose Cinema 10.9 KB None Play
Happy Noodle Boy Demo nny Demo 12.9 KB None Play
Happy _____ Day Scott Davis Art, Trippy 3.1 KB None Play
Hard Day Sepe Cinema 26.6 KB None Play
Harmtown Kevin Hall Action 15.6 KB None Play
Harry the Magic Sloth Unknown Comedy 14.0 KB None Play
Haunted Dungeons Hayabusa 24Hozzt, Adventure, Font 17.6 KB None Play
Haunted House Chris Kohler, Melissa Kohler 3.6 KB None Play
Hawk paraplayer Engine 3.1 KB None Play
Headbanger's ZZT DarthVagrant Adventure 14.6 KB None Play
A Heaven of Hell kev-san RPG 89.2 KB 4.00 / 5.00 Play
Heavy Gear engine blindgoat Engine 7.9 KB None Play
Heavy Gear file 1 blindgoat Shooter 30.9 KB None Play
Hellish Cave Nixon Action 14.3 KB 2.50 / 5.00 Play
Herd Demo Master Raze Adventure, Simulation 19.4 KB None Play
Here's Some Good Advice Unknown, Viovis Comedy 5.7 KB None Play
Heroes: Legend of the Copper Serpent Disc 1 Sci Freak Adventure 42.4 KB None Play
Hershey Attacks Bocco11 Action 25.4 KB None Play
Het Grote Vakantieman Avontuur Tom, Pieter, Niels Adventure, Non-English 7.2 KB None Play
HeX - Early Demo J0sh Demo 11.1 KB None Play
Hey Drake Viovis Acropolis Trippy 38.5 KB None Play
HGSI Final Fantasy 1 PresHGSI RPG 23.1 KB 2.25 / 5.00 Play
HGSI Magazine #1 PresHGSI Magazine 18.0 KB None Play
Hillary's Healthcare Mono Action 11.6 KB None Play
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DEMO Nanobot Comedy, Demo 20.4 KB None Play
Hoganator Micr0wave Action 25.6 KB 3.33 / 5.00 Play
Hollywood Hooker Draco Adventure 73.9 KB None Play
Home Alone Vampy Puzzle 19.6 KB None Play
Homelands Demo Mewho Demo 23.5 KB None Play
Homework Help David Barker Edutainment 7.7 KB None Play
Homicidal Art Viovis Acropolis Art 19.1 KB None Play
Hood of ZZT MOSHZZT Adventure 15.4 KB 2.00 / 5.00 Play
The Hooded Adventurer Demo Jared Altmix Demo 2.8 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
The Hopeless Man WiL 24HoZZT, Puzzle 25.6 KB None Play
Hostile Territory Demo Ganker Action 19.0 KB None Play
Hot Coffee Mod - Town of ZZT Rockstar Games Adventure, Explicit, Parody 23.6 KB 1.25 / 5.00 Play
Hotel Hell Darby Janssen Adventure, Horror 14.4 KB None Play
Hotel Noah Viovis Acropolis 24HoZZT, Trippy 11.3 KB None Play
Hotel of the Stars Nicholas Bucchino Adventure 17.9 KB None Play
House of Amadus John Hoelle Adventure 36.6 KB None Play
The House of Asterion Flimsy Parkins Maze 14.7 KB 3.25 / 5.00 Play
House Of Cool Stuff Anarchy Help 21.4 KB None Play
House of Horrors [Corrupt] Alexis Janson Adventure, Incomplete 29.9 KB 3.50 / 5.00 Play
House of Horrors Alexis Janson Adventure 31.5 KB None Play
The House of Terror 1+2 TiM Bardon Adventure 19.9 KB None Play
House Party Unknown Adventure 4.1 KB None Play
How I won the war Dwa Adventure 26.8 KB None Play
How To Be A ZZT'er GameMstr1 Help 19.8 KB 2.00 / 5.00 Play
Htrae I : The Crimson Omen Alan Chan RPG 32.2 KB None Play
Hugo's House of Horrors ZZT Dr. Dos Adventure, Engine, Experimental, Puzzle 35.5 KB None Play
Human Extinct Wild Thang Action, Demo 27.0 KB 3.00 / 5.00 Play
The Hungry Monster gerbil Puzzle 3.0 KB None Play
Hunter Lash Adventure 13.5 KB None Play
Hyper Enemies world YoungLink Action, Demo 3.5 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
Hyper ZZT Claudio Leite Font 11.3 KB None Play
Hyper ZZT (04/03/1996) Claudio Leite Font 11.5 KB None Play
Hyper ZZT 2.0 Claudio Leite Font 33.9 KB None Play
Hyper! Justin Camarata Adventure 16.0 KB None Play
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