The Incredible Building

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SZZT Stream - The Incredible Building The Search For The Lost Dog (Part 1)

Defeating an evil AI, and then an anything goes adventure to find Sammy

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Oct 29, 2022
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♦ Livestream of the following 2 ZZT worlds ♦
• "The Incredible Building" by Hydra (1997) []
• (24:34) "The Search For The Lost Dog" by Hercules (1997) []
(Originally streamed October 28th, 2022)

Checking out what early Interactive Fantasies authors Hydra and Hercules thought about Super ZZT. "The Incredible Building" is a (basically) single board adventure about an AI gone rogue that has taken over a rather trap-filled office building. Lots of ways to die and mean puzzles make this one a bit bitter, but hey, it makes good use of the scrolling screen to create these little chambers of puzzles without having to reveal everything to the player in advance.

Then we get the far more ambitious in size "The Search For The Lost Dog". You play as Bryan Christians who has jumped into a strange portal to give chase to the guy who jumped out of said portal and took your dog Sammy! Explore another dimension filled with mid-90s ZZTer and MZXer cameos. The theme goes all over the place as you explore forests, shopping malls, research labs, and venture to other planets hoping to recover Sammy. Lots of that early IF writing style that makes for a villy bizarre game in which ordering a sprite at McDonalds is essential to success, as is throwing a spoonful of acid in somebody's face! It's also quite longer than most Super ZZT worlds I've played and as such wasn't finished in this video. Keep an eye out for next week where the game will be completed!

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