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Super ZZT Livestream - Monster Zoo

Dreaded turtles, banana loving grues, magic dragons, and a zookeeper with a mean streak in this must-visit Monster Zoo!

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Oct 25, 2022
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Livestream of the ZZT world "Super ZZT v2.0 (Registered)" by Tim Sweeney (1992)
(Originally streamed October 21st, 2022)

The third, last, and likely best official Super ZZT world. A colorful adventure through a zoo ran by a cruel (to the player, not the animals) zookeeper. But maybe he's just misunderstood?

The finale of Super ZZT is its shareware episode, and for good reason. Monster Zoo has a much grander scope than the two worlds that came before it, and is filled with unusual characters, secrets to find, puzzles to solve, and memorable moments. It's the game that taught everybody that grues aren't so bad as long as you have some bananas. Dragons can reveal secret passages, or more accurately smash through walls to create them. Turtles can shove you into the water and send you backwards on your quest. Food can be represented with the ƒ character.

There's a lot here really, and it's a lot of fun to venture through, seeing the sights and taking in the very colorful scenery that makes the most of Super ZZT's extended color pallete compared to the original. The game is friendlier than most official worlds as well, making it the first one many players saw to the end. There's a lot to enjoy to here, and if more Super ZZT worlds were as good as this, the medium might have fared a little better.

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