Interview Articles

Title Author Date Category Summary
Super ZZT/Best of ZZT Interviews: Allen Pilgrim/Tom Breton asie/Dr. Dos Jan. 15, 2022 Interview An interview with Allan Pilgrim (Monster Zoo) and Tom Breton (Best of ZZT - Machinations) Plus Vintage ZZT Ephemera Scans!
Closer Look: ZZT's City + Interview With Stuart Hardwick Dr. Dos Oct. 15, 2019 Interview Contrasting the newly discovered Softdisk published version of ZZT with the Epic MegaGames version we all know
An Interview With Beth Daggert - Ezanya And The Early Days of ZZT Dr. Dos Nov. 14, 2018 Interview An interview with the contest-winning Ezanya developer, Beth Daggert
An Interview With Jim Crawford - Frog Fractions 2 and ZZT Dr. Dos Dec. 31, 2016 Interview