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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL BatMonkey Warlock93 Warlock Games Parody March 4, 1994 2.00
DL Egg Maker Agent Orange PogeSoft Art, Engine, Other, Parody Nov. 23, 2020
DL Elians Unknown Parody Oct. 26, 2001
DL The Even Longer ZZT Game kristomu Parody, Puzzle July 20, 2021
DL Flimsy's Town of ZZT Flimsy Parkins Parody May 17, 2007 5.00
DL Hot Coffee Mod - Town of ZZT Rockstar Games Adventure, Explicit, Parody July 30, 2005 1.25
DL The Imperial Wars J. Miller Miller-soft Entertainment Adventure, Parody, Shooter Unknown
DL Keg O' Rum Crazy Panda AuroraSoft Comedy, Parody Oct. 15, 2001 0.00
DL Life of a Player Oddjob, Ringworm Lame Game Adventure, Parody Feb. 21, 2000
DL Llama Masters 3 Scott Hammack Action, Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete, Parody Unknown
DL Might Be More Than Power Rangers Aric M. Stalkerware Action, Parody May 30, 1994
DL Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents: Aceland John W. Wells, Prakash Padole Adventure, Parody Dec. 20, 2000 0.00
DL Mystery Science ZZTheater 3000 Noser Action, Parody Jan. 31, 1998 4.50
DL Mystery Science ZZTheather 3000: Police Quest PeanutsPat Parody Nov. 12, 2001
DL Nadir RPG Fishfood Comedy, Parody Aug. 4, 2003 1.00
DL Own of ZZT Dr. Dos Parody, Puzzle Feb. 23, 2008 5.00
DL The Simpsons Part I: The Search for Maggie's Pacifier (V 1.5) Chris Martin Parody Feb. 23, 1994
DL Slighty Morphine Power Rangers Brian McFee, Keebler Macrosoft Parody May 1, 1994
DL Slighty Morphine Power Rangers (1994-04-02) Brian McFee, Keebler Macrosoft Parody April 2, 1994
DL Trash Fleet 3.0 Joshua Seames Adventure, Parody, Preview Feb. 19, 1994
DL The Trix Unknown Parody May 12, 2000
DLs… Wake Up and Save the World Dr. Dos Contest, Parody Nov. 2, 2020 4.00
DLs… When There Is No More Maze WiL Imoutoburgsoft Perspectives Horror, Maze, Parody June 24, 2021
DL ZZT Shorts DeadPhrog, Stephen Williams SHATTERED PERSPECTIVES Adventure, Comedy, Compilation, Experimental, Horror, Parody, Puzzle, Random, Trippy July 4, 1997
DL ZZT Sports WildkarrdeX, Fishfood Parody, Sports July 6, 2001 5.00
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