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3 years, 5 months ago (Jan 06, 2021)

I was drawn to Yith by the title, which suggested something Lovecraftian. Unfortunately, this game turns out to be of little interest. While I have a soft spot for games where you wander around goofy, disconnected worlds that are clearly driven by child-logic, there's just not a lot of energy here. The villain has no name; he's just "That Man." There's a sequence where you move a submarine through winding paths, represented by an object that moves when you push arrows, but there's no time pressure and so it's just a matter of touching objects carefully and not crashing it.

On the nth maze - this one in the dark, with invisible walls popping up in front of keys - I decided to just view the file and see if anything interesting happened by the end of the game.

I don't want to slag on what was probably the work of a young child, and there are genuinely good points and surprises here. Shooting your way into someone's (highly abstracted) house may not get you the reward or secret you expected. For the most part, boards are not just piles of generic enemies thrown together. The (spartan) world is pretty open to exploration in whatever order you like, in the Town of ZZT manner.

But there's just too much deliberate player time-wasting here, too many winding paths, too many invisible walls, and too little payoff.

1.50 / 5.00

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