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1 year ago (Nov 19, 2022)

This is a cute, short game with some rather pleasant background art and some nice touches. Perhaps it was intended to be a bit longer (judging by the amount of "Unused" boards), though I can't hold that as a mark against the game.

Unfortunately, this game has two annoying bugs that can make it unwinnable:

  1. The cave screen has the "Reenter when zapped" property, which due to a ZZT 3.2 bug can replace the passage with a blank one that leads to the title screen (under certain conditions). It took me several tries to avoid that bug, and honestly I'm not sure if it's viable to get through that room hitless.

  2. After defeating the dragon the king failed to provide me the next quest, preventing me from completing the game. I'm not sure what the precise code issue was, but I had to give myself 99 gems again for the code to work properly.

Aside from those issues, I had a fun 10 minutes with this one.

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