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Dr. Dos
3 years, 5 months ago (Jan 04, 2021)

The coding on this one is excellent. It would have been easy for Enjoy! Sudoku to simply be a technical showcase, but asie has taken great care in making it feel smooth. Navigating the cells and marking tiles is straightforward using a series of hyperlinks to select a number to place rather than some object based adjustment with more keypresses. As somebody currently playing my way through a Game Boy Picross title in bed most nights, I could definitely see going through this on a handheld system with a mobile ZZT port.

The framing around the game gives it a reason to be, well, enjoyed. Its story gives it something distinct that you won't find playing Sudoku online or with a physical book of puzzles.

It also made me realize how incredibly rusty I am. The Sudoku fad in the states kicked in when I was in high school and I'd solve the ones in the newspapers that were free for students pretty much daily. I struggled quite a bit even with the first puzzle! I hope this is asie picking some more challenging puzzles, but suspect its me no longer having the abilitiy I used to. If you're brand new to Sudoku, the explanation of how to play and the inerface for playing are easy enough, but there will certainly be some difficulty in actually solving anything!

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