The Strange City

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19 years, 3 months ago (Dec 18, 2003)

This game is, indeed, rather strange. It consists of several ?levels? strewn together, each consisting mainly of avoiding enemies or bullets as you only have ten health.

Story: While the game could have at least had some form of story to explain what is going on, it doesn?t.

Graphics: The graphics, while still rather poor, are a definite improvement over Minigame Collection, Sam?s first game, and are at least don?t hurt too much to look at, except for the invisible walls maze. For one, the maze consists of yellow walls, which are generally hated with a passion by ZZTers worldwide. Second, instead of a nice fade in, fade out effect to reveal them, they immediately turned into normals, nearly giving me a seizure. Try it for yourself, you?ll see what I mean. They really could use a fair bit of touching up.

Programming: Decent, Sam obviously knows how to program, but he needs to work on the other aspects for a truly good game. 1

Music: None.

Gameplay: It wasn?t bad, but it really wasn?t that fun. .5

My advice to Sam Vinci: First of all, you locked your game. This is generally not a good idea, and is something I haven?t seen for a while. If you lock a game, it takes away one of your flags, pushing further limits on your game that would otherwise be unnessecary.

This and your other games could really use some work. Play some quality games, like ESP, Respite, anything by Zenith Nadir, and you?ll see what I mean. Take a look at the featured games and read the reviews, no matter how long they may be. Don?t just play them, study them. Look at what it is that makes them so great. Compare them with your games, and ask yourself how you can improve, but don?t expect to draw like Nadir right away. Quality work takes practice. If you don?t like how a particular board looks, redo it. It may take a little more time and effort, but if it earns you the recognition and respect of your fellow ZZTers, it is worth it. And most importantly of all, if you have any problems, register at the z2 forums and ask for help. After all, that?s what they?re there for!

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19 years, 3 months ago (Dec 17, 2003)

The 'Not Important' reviewer must have been high.Idiot.Go away.I hate you.

Anyway,basically everything Commodore said was right.Premade enemies,stupid goals,stars(God I hate them)...the graphics were quite good for a newbie,but poor nonetheless.

I had the sudden urge to give this game a 5 out of 5.But I won't.

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19 years, 3 months ago (Dec 16, 2003)

All right, whoever did those not important reviews for this and sam's other games is an idiot. However he is right in every way. This game is bad. What needs to be worked on? Everything. Let me try an explain. First thing first, when you start a new board, immedietly delete the boarder, don't just change it to another colour, get rid of it. Second, do not use the premade enemies, lions, tigers, etc. Also, stars are not fun at all. Secondly, play some other zzt games! look through the archive and look at games with scores of 75% or higher. Finally, think of a story. Something that involves people with goals and emotions. Not just, "Get the thing!" or "Save the girl!" and so on. anyways.

My other point is to the above idiot: "not important". If you are going to write reviews about games you think are bad, please write reviews that try to contain more intelligence than the game itself rather than totally bashing the game. Try injecting some words of wisdom or encouragement.

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