Starship Troopers

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In the game's final mission, when wandering in the caves, it is possible to ruin your save by entering a certain board.

From board #20 (Inside the Hole 5), shooting south through the debris brings you to the queen's chamber. This fight is deliberately designed to kill the player as the queen cannot be killed. However, you are stuck on the board before being trapped in the hive simply by entering the board as no exits are defined.

This can be avoided by just not entering the board. Its path can be recognized as the one where you walk from the top of the screen to the bottom, then head west until the bottom-left corner is reached and the walls need to be destroyed.

Similarly, exiting north from this board also does not let the player turn around. This path leads to the exit, so perhaps these missing connections were deliberate.

You can however miss your objective, the "Brain Bug" and exit without the requisite flag being set to make the mission as completed. If this happens, you can re-enter the caves from the start by entering the dropship again. (But that would not be fun.)

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