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21 years, 3 months ago (Oct 26, 2002)

When I first started this game, I heard the Star Wars theme. Appropriate, as this is a Star Wars game (hopefully, Lord395 wrote it himself). The game's storyline is the same basic thing as Star Wars. You begin as an untrained Jedi, and must train, then go on a mission to destroy the Death Star. That's the basics, and the plot does have its own little parts. It's not Rhygar, but it's not Mario Bros. either.

Probably the biggest drawback to this game was the usage of pre-fab enemies. Lions, tigers, and ruffians permeated the game. Just so ya know, though, that's better than no enemies at all. The troopers could have been made better if they had walked and shot at you instead of standing still. The other thing that was bad about the game was the graphics. They were, at least, STK-level at points, but were mostly more mediocre...But this guy had the common sense not to use yellow walls.

The best thing about this game was Lord395's attention to detail. There were areas like the Jedi Lounge where you could go that weren't mandatory, and at least one thing you could do to boost your health that wasn't mandatory. There were just a few side-things (not sidequests, side-things) some of which distracted from the game but most of which helped the game in my opinion.

All in all, Lord395, good game, but needs some improvement. If you could maybe work a bit more on graphics and enemies (which affected the gameplay, I'll bet), along with the story, this game could reach a four in my book.

Download if you'd like a trip to the Star Wars universe that's a bit different and can handle a few minor flaws.

3.00 / 5.00

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