Scarlet, Green

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21 years, 4 months ago (Mar 06, 2003)

I think that's pretty damned harsh, myself, but each to his own.

This is, to my knowledge, an older game of Wells' that he recently decided to release. It was the only game that competed with Vegetable Takeover for January 2003's MTP.

While slightly lacking in STK and certainly not the best game of all times in terms of graphical merit, I liked it. And here are the reasons I liked it.

It gives a bit of an insight into JWW's character (the opera-loving intellectual), has some rather original and interesting puzzles to solve, some very good writing - I liked the list of symptoms of the virus, including "an irrational love of Gilbert and Sullivan," - and gameplay that is by no means unentertaining or uninvolving.

To be sure there are a few (I think) bugs in it, and some of the actions of the character are rather unclear in their motive, and no music is used, but hey ... it was all right!

3.50 / 5.00
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21 years, 5 months ago (Jan 21, 2003)

This dismal excuse of a ZZT game lacks eloquence, coherence, lucidity, expressiveness, beauty, bafflement, wonderment, and most importantly Aesthetic value. There us no underlining Evocation. There is nothing to capture the imagination of even someone with a less than perfect IQ.

Most importantly, this game lacks STK.

I am afraid that is game is not even worthy of a 1 out of 5, but since I am a benevolent person, I will award the author with 1 regardless.

Aesthetics: 0 Characters: 2 Design: 2 Evocation: 0 Graphics: 2 Plot: 2

1.00 / 5.00

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