Paradise Island

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14 years, 10 months ago (Aug 16, 2009)

The only way play this game is to superunlock it or to use KevEdit or ZZTAE. Sivion is superlocked, too. However, you don't get runtime errors like you do with Paradise Island. You shouldn't waste your time superunlocking Paradise Island because it sucks.

This game uses ugly yellow borders, which shows laziness within the game creator. Preprogrammed enemies are used excessively.

There are empty rooms with those same yellow borders, giant item fields, horrible graphics, no STK, and crappy object enemies. Text in this game is used excessively when it could use an object that could simply pose as a sign.

The author of this game is probably young. Extremely young. The object enemies in this game are impossible to kill, and they mainly just shoot stars. The OOP is extremely amateurish, too.

This uses the billion-year old invisible maze, but that's actually very well-made. This game isn't exactly plotless, either.

Do I recommend it to anyone? No. If you like classic games like these, then don't waste your time with this one. There are better classic games out there such as Wong Chung Bang's classic games.

1.00 / 5.00
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17 years, 10 months ago (Aug 28, 2006)

Well, I'm probably one of the only people who have managed to get this game working, seeing as there are no reviews. To get it working, change the title of the first "LOCKED FILE" board in KevEdit (should work in ZZTAE too, but I haven't tried that).

It's definitely ameterish, and apart from those damn yellow walls, and dying too quickly, I enjoyed it. But because you superlocked it in such a way that it crashed the game, you get 0/5. Submit it again, but unlock the title screen first.

0.00 / 5.00

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