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15 years, 10 months ago (Jul 09, 2008)

Overflow is an epic action adventure.You are a male adolescent named Charlie, on a mission to take down the evil Achalon, who fucked up the planet and has control over time.

The story is a mixture of biblical themes (Noah and the great flood, the apocalypse, armageddon) and science fiction elements (time travel, high-tech floating castles). The main character is a classic hero, with no other ambition than saving everything and everyone.

You start out in a (post-)apocalyptic world, which still requires a force for good to triumph over evil. You seem a like convenient candidate!

That you are. The action sets in right from the start of the game. Most of your enemies are colourful built-in tigers, but there are various other foes and dangerous contraptions. You'll collect loads of ammo on your way, for your trigger-happy enjoyment. There are a couple of bosses, including a barracuda! They're fun. Gameplay is further enhanced by a couple of clever puzzles and some conversing and object-gathering in familiar zzt-adventure fashion.

What makes the game a gem is it's epic development. Your journey takes you around the world, even through space, exploring colourful islands, fortresses, ruins, jungles and villages on your way. The graphics are lush and very well made, with attention for background scenery, in a style that is somewhat reminiscent the excellent chockablock cartoon graphics Nadir has brought us humble zzt folk. There is a lot to see and the many boards offer a pleasant variety.

The downsides are that the bosses are not very difficult. Achalon, the great evil superboss (for one of the endings) is a mope. There are also several references to Megazeux, which annoys me more than Allen Pilgrim's attempt to convert us to christianity. Let it not spoil the fun, Overflow's classic gameplay and beautiful graphics are still worth your while!

4.00 / 5.00

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