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19 years ago (Mar 21, 2004)

Ahhh, the end huh? I guess I should have played the other games first. All in all the game was not so much as a game but more like a ZZT movie...that sucks because ZZT does NOT make movies so well.

Graphics- Very little detail but the cinimas make up for that because that seems to be the only part of graphical detail this guy wanted to put in his game. Still, the overall is not bad...but not so good either. 3.5 out of 5.

Sound/Music- The music was rock solid and unlike other people who think if the music was not made by MadTom then it sucks, I think making your own music sound that good gives you some nice points. 4.5 out of 5

Gameplay- Allrighty, the gameplay boasts of many engines and collect this and open this sort of play. The engines, of short, are not HARD but notoriously aggravating. EX: Are you supposed to aim for that green thing on the left screen? Well I hit it billions of times and it DID NOT DIE. There is also some laser thing you have to dodge, (in and out of a space craft), while your dodging shots in the space craft just go all the way over to the left and they will NEVER hit you. In short this game lacks gameplay but tries to come back with witty and complicated mini-games. 2 out of 5.

Story- Get ready, for this is where the game shines, or so you have been told over and over again. The story is intresting to say the most, but it is FAR to predictable to be of any long going intrest. So you get points for being all cool in your descriptions of your fighters. 3 out of 5

FunFactor- Not much, but just enough for you to compleat the game. 2 out of 5.

Overall- Being as this is the END of a series of a story you can be a little forgiving for the mass amount of cinimas. If your a big fan of these game as Commodore is, then it is well worth the download. All in all, I give this game a solid... 3 out of 5

3.00 / 5.00
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19 years ago (Mar 06, 2004)

Operation: GAMMA VELORUM, Part 4 is a good conclusion to a great series. This episode seemed a little lack lustre for a finale though. The engines are solid and from what I can tell, are bug free. They are difficult, but I see nothing wrong with that.

The graphics range from very minimalistic and sparse building interiors, to cinimas that are "well lighted" and give a good sense of perception. Somehow this works for the game, but I can't help but feel that a little more detail in areas could help polish up the game and allow for a more convincing enviroment.

The story wraps up very nicely, with a nod to a "higher power". It's always the winners who are on God's side, huh? All in all I enjoyed the entire series, and it's good so see someone who said they were going to make a series, and actually finished it.

I would have enjoyed a tad more game play. Most of the game consists of running about and trying to get to the next engine segment or cutscene, but still... tonnes of fun.

Download and play the entire series now.

4.00 / 5.00

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