Daedalus' Obelisk

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4 years, 1 month ago (Aug 12, 2019)

This was easily one of the most impressive games that I've ever played concerning those made with ZZT, although it is not THE most impressive (that would go to Eli's House by Gingermuffins). Darren Hewer definitely knows enough about the mechanics of ZZT in order to utilize and manipulate them in ways that I never thought possible. Often when I hear of a "platformer" being made through ZZT, I get the impression that it is at best imperfectly made and typically is simply a player scrolling through a narrow passage of fakes bordered by solids, but he really made it work, and that in combination with the creative open world that he had made this a very fun game. The dialogue could be a little corny at times, but that was completely forgivable given how fun the game was and it is still better off not having any amount of vulgarity in a game (I personally still have a problem with that).

All in all, very well done!

5.00 / 5.00

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