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20 years, 6 months ago (Aug 29, 2002)

A game that deserves the GOTM award if not solely for the last battle screen.

No! is an arena style game that surpasses practically all that I have played. The graphics are simple but it fits for the mood. The plot gives the game a reason to be played and adds to allowing _God_ to get away with trippy type sequences, which work, unlike in some game where trippy is all in how you make flashy things and confusing text.

Yet this is not for really Trippy game players, its very much an action game. You fight many monsters in various arena settings to progress. The arenas are different though. Some are small, some large. Some are randomly generated. Each arena is different but the same. I can only compare it to haveing a selection of fine wines to test.

Some arena games get tedious. No! only does so in one spot. (The breakout board) Otherwise, it's timed beutifully, because when it finally does get tedious, the section you're in usually ends.

No!'s ability to strech from arena, to randomly generated dungeon, to RPG engine, just makes the game just that much more enjoyable. And just when you think that the last boss is going to make you shoot it out with him.... it ends up much differntly.

A well crafted game with few flaws and good replay value. Makes me feel bad that No! 2 seemed to stall in 2001...

4.00 / 5.00

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