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19 years, 10 months ago (Jul 30, 2003)

This game is very interesting. Interesting, because it has some pretty good original progaramming, along with some old-school programming, like pre-porgrammed enemies. So, you have a game with STK and neat objects, along with slime, blink walls, and bears (Oh My!). Liver's art seems to have improved since the last version-maybe he got some tips from commodore. . As far as action goes, the gameplay is a little better than average. Not too much though, because of the amount of pre-programmed enemies. (Those days are over Liver.) It is a lot better than the gameplay in most of the action games out there though. . Music, well, there really wasn't much of that. At least I don't remember much of anything. Overall, Liver has definitely has imporved concerning his programming skills. Keep your eye out for this guy. . .

P.S. - I really liked the mirror image puzzle!


3.50 / 5.00

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