The 2021 Make a Neat ZZT Board Contest-Jam Type Thing Compilation

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Table of Contents

(Note: The file names listed here are for the boards as originally submitted, bundled in the "Original Entries" subfolder. All entries are fully playable in the NEATZZT.zzt compilation world, and are listed here in the order they are numbered within it.)

  1. alliebrd.zzt - Bank 2 of ZZT by Allie
  2. APOLLO.BRD - Apollo Station by WiL (as "LBC")¹
  3. approach.brd - The Approach by John W. Wells
  4. beach.zzt - beach by davidjamesmc
  5. bokojam.zzt - "Title screen" by bokonon_lives
  6. BPBOBEEP.brd² - Bip-bo-beep by Snorb
  7. CAT_TRAP.zzt - Cat Trap by PSI Ninja
  8. DOG!.zzt - DOGGY DOG DOG DOGGO by Dog in da Grass
  9. RAEKUUL.ZZT - But Is It Neat? by raekuul
  10. revenge.brd - Revenge Wears Purple by Sam
  11. SHOOBY.ZZT - GEM SHOOBY 6000 by WiL
  12. zzkey.brd - ZZKey Key Machine by junk

¹ Credited in Mean Girls Mag #2: Winter 2023 (Spite 25).

² Compilation version fixes a bug preventing game completion, though the original version is also playable from the second hub board.

Judge Boards:

  • zinneat.brd - The Make a Neat Contest-Jam Type Thing Board by Zinfandel
  • QRANQ.brd - QRANQ by Agent Orange of PogeSoft
  • BIGMAZKK.brd - BIG MAZ ON THE BRD by kkairos
  • CAPER.brd - The Great Museum of ZZT Caper by Dr. Dos

The second hub board includes two additional boards not bundled with the original entries:

  • Example Neat Board by Zinfandel
  • Aboard the S.S. Broca by WiL (as "LBC")
Submitted By
8 months, 2 weeks ago (Aug 03, 2023)

I hereby award the following awards to each board:

beach: Misanthropy Is Good Award
DOG: Ruff Going Award
Shooby 6000: Requisite Devilry Award
But Is It Neat: Retro Throwback Award
The Approach: (board) spooky Award
Bank of ZZT 2: Oh Shit I Forgot My PIN Award
Apollo Station: Frothing Demand Award
Cat Trap: Gatto é Bomba Award
Revenge Wears Purple: (Fl)ow My Ears, The Axe Cop Said, Award and the inaugural Water is Wet Award
ZZKey: 30000 Purple Boulders Award
(cave) spooky: Old Faithful Award

These gratuitous awards, like others judges of this jam conferred to boards, were posted at the time of my reviews but as I left the jam's Discord server before this world was finished they were likely lost and not included.

5.00 / 5.00

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