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Dr. Dos
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2 years, 8 months ago (Jan 04, 2021)

Metal Saviour Bia is inspired by those mid-90s ZZT titles that are right on the cusp of STK becoming the norm. As a fangame with the license removed, I think I was able to enjoy the game more as there wasn't any background I was expected to have going in.

The game itself tells the story of a pilot on a mission to destroy an enemy alien mothership and hopefully turn the tides of a war that humanity is slowly losing. Each portion of the game uses a different engine adding quite a bit of variety in such a short game. Despite the distinct 1995 stylings (which produce some wonderful looking scenes), the engine heavy structure gives me similar vibes to Quantum P.'s Operation Gamma Velorum series from 2002/2004, but in a tiny package that can be completed easily enough in one sitting.

One complaint however, is that the cockpit perspective dogfighting engine in which you shoot down several foes as you approach the mothership is impressive, but did feel tough to play well. It's easy to get enemy ships stuck along edges and because the enemies operate at cycle 2, they often don't cooperate when trying to make finer adjustments to your aim.

Still, for a 20 minute game this one is definitely worth checking out. The art is excellent, both at nailing the aesthetic and succeeding at creating some great work within its self-imposed limitations.

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