Christmas Land

Dec 10, 1994
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More than I was Expecting

By: RT-55J
Reviewed: 9 months ago (Dec 28, 2021)

I didn't look at the files before playing this, so I just expected a simple 5 board game where you rescue Santa and that would be it. Little did I know that I'd be playing a 30 board action game broken up into multiple acts with some non-trivial (but well-balanced) resource/execution requirements. As rudimentary as this looks at first glance, it feels surprisingly well-playtested, and has some pretty good OOP choreograph in places (my favorite being a little elflet who slides down a pile of snow repeatedly).

The horrifying visage of Santa on the title screen (presumably) freezing to death in the sunless cold of the arctic winter is top tier ZZT art. I love it.

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