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Dr. Dos
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4 years, 7 months ago (Aug 31, 2018)

The second in Nadir's Dizzy series offers a lot of the same as the first. It's still a solid conversion of a series not all that popular in the states.

It manages to make the game more accessible by not having to worry about platforming and rolling to your death.

The puzzles, well, are Codemasters' puzzles. Most of them aren't too outlandish, but some (like the genie) are a bit of a pain without a guide. Fortunately, the game is faithful enough to the original that you can use a guide designed for the non-ZZT versions.

It still suffers backtracking issues pretty heavily. You'll probably wanna play it on a higher speed after the intro cutscene.

It also falls apart at the end when you suddenly have to do a traditional ZZT boss fight with very limited ammo (probably very low health) against a way too fast enemy.

The good news, is that the Dizzy collection that Nadir has posted updates the game and removes this horrible boss fight. So definitely play that version over this one.

The graphics are late 90s Nadir, generally above average, with a few boards like the starting Stonehenge area being particularly pretty. The hell board has a really awesome fire effect. Good job there.

It's a mostly chill adventure, with a lot of walking. Again don't play this version. Play the compilation version.

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