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1 month, 3 weeks ago (May 20, 2024)
Bug Report

Flawed Anti-Cheat

The cave on the northeast of the island implements anti-cheat code to prevent players from using ?-DARK, but the method for doing so is flawed which can cause the game to end without use of the cheat.

A hidden object two tiles north of the entrance/exit passage sets the flag DARK and then tells another object to begin checking that the flag remains set.

Outside the cave, another object clears DARK to keep the flag from taking up space.

If you enter the cave again and only step off the passage without moving up to align with the hidden object, the DARK flag won't be set again, but the check code continues to run.

This code has some idles intended to give players time to reach the hidden object and get the flag set. Idling above the passage will cause the game to end.

There is a small chance that players will leave the cave just before the check is ran, and immediately be hit by it when re-entering the cave. This can be mitigated by manually setting the flag with ?+DARK when outside (also making the exterior board dark).

Tower Boss Soft-Lock

Inside the tower when players are fighting the boss, it is possible to soft-lock the game.

When the boss is shot, they lock themselves and begin a series of movement commands:

#try s #try e #go rndp north #try n #try w

Because the random east/west direction uses #go, if you shoot the boss where they become blocked horizontally after trying to move south, they will be unable to move and in their locked state unable to be shot again. This can happen when shooting the boss near the revolving doors.

Exploitable Encounters

LOME's encounter system sets a flag when players enter combat on the world map or cave. Until the enemies in the encounter are all defeated, the player cannot get into another encounter. This allows players to start an encounter away from anywhere they need to go and then explore the island freely if they so desire. Just remember that most of your money comes from these encounters!

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