Zandor 12
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8 / 8
5.00 / 5.00


By: Develin
Reviewed: 19 years, 2 months ago (May 25, 2003)

Ah a game by Zandor this game is very very good the graphics are great they give a very nice feel to the game there is a secret game in it to there are very funny jokes in it but now to the main game! the engine is very well programmed in fact in my opinion its better then LST (little square thingies) see what happens if you get 400 points or ................ 2000!!!!!!!!!! anyway the short story Graphics 4.5/5 pretty nice and great but the balconys were just not detailed enough Programming 5.5/5 its rare that i give more then but the title screen and the engine got me there Gameplay 5.5/5 GREAT ENGINE! Overall 5.2/5 rounded to 5/5 good job Zandor for a great game and now for the countdown to the next millenuim!

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
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