Island Adventure

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Agent Orange
3 years, 7 months ago (Aug 24, 2020)

A bite-sized game where you need to be rescued from an island you're shipwrecked on-by finding a phone booth to call for help! And yes, the ZZT file name can be misread as 'Island Dad'.

You can get there by either of two paths- one via caves, and one via the woods and a valley. The former is harder than the first, partly by virtue of it simply being dark and having a guess-the-right-answer-or-die 'puzzle'. The latter, on the other hand, has some traps you might not expect. Both paths offer you treasure to boot, and there hidden objects you need to find to get said treasure or some keys to progress.

At nine boards it's worth playing over a coffee break or lunch break depending on which path you take. Worth having a look just for fun.

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