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19 years, 4 months ago (Jan 04, 2004)

Okay this game is very strange There's a room with all these passages and you have to go thourh them or get gems to open the lazer type doors, Anyways Most of the rooms you have to kill monsters (tigers,lion,etc.)There's not much stk and most of the puzzles are easy some very difficult And It's current typr "Awsome" Should be Trippy I also know Wil is Better than this Or someone is just Trying to Ruin his life.

The story: mostly it seems that you have to excape from some planet before it blows up I guess

Music: No music

What needs to be impoved is the followng Art I would like to see some art and STK!!! Genre it's trippy Not awsome Wil. Music add some Or get someone to make you some! And a story That's what makes a Game On how good the plot is They teach you that in like the 4th grade!

So BY What I think It get a 2.5 by me

2.50 / 5.00

Review Date
19 years, 4 months ago (Jan 04, 2004)

An... interesting game, to say the least. By the genre and WiL's notes, you can tell that something original was in process here.

Intros and graphics, for instance, take on strange configurations. Made entirely without STK, or so WiL says.

The gameplay takes place in a room that leads to other worlds, where different laws take effect. It's all pre-fabricated enemies, but they take on a new light with the strategies you must use to combat their transformations.

Story? What story? The game's storyline is vague and symbolistic. Good world turn bad with evil-force.

All and all, the game compells you to live it.

4.00 / 5.00

Review Date
19 years, 4 months ago (Jan 01, 2004)

This is an odd game. It's sort of fun to figure out how each board works, but it's extremely frusterating. There are times when you are revived after dying by life giving objects and you can run around in fast time. This happens quite a bit and I'm not sure if it was intentional or not. I'm not even going to mention the graphics. They are beyond my understanding. I know wil is a good artist so there must be a reason for the graphics looking the way they do.

I'd label this a trippy game rather than it's current genre of "awesome". Sadly it lacks that certain something that prevents me from deleting zzt files from my hard disk.

3.00 / 5.00

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