Ikari Warriors Part One: Escape From The Jungle

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Dan of Knappware
1 month, 2 weeks ago (Jun 02, 2024)

Hello ZZTers! Dan here, after 29 years I've decided to finally break my silence about my game. Around 1994, I discovered ZZT. I was fascinated with its simplistic graphics and the robust, easy to learn programming language. We've come a long way since just playing it in DOS. I used DOSBox for a number of years. Then used Lyon in Windows. Finally, I'm using Zeta. My editor of choice will always be KevEdit, as I've lost too many boards to ZZT's Editor glitching out. Shout out to Plastic also. Loved that program too. I created a bunch of worlds for ZZT, but felt my worlds weren't a high enough "standard" for ZZT. I played TONS of worlds back then and saw a lot of well designed worlds, as well as some "not so good" AKA yellow boarder worlds. At the time, I decided to make something new, I found a game on the ol' ZZT AOL boards (which I really loved looking through) called UN Commando. I absolutely LOVED it. 100%. Being a fan of Contra, Ikari Warriors, and Commando, I was intrigued already by the name. I played it a few times and although it was repetitive and extremely linear (just go up), I remember thinking, "it's too bad there's not much story element." So I decided to recreate my own version of the game with a main protagonist, antagonist, plot, setting, etc. Hindsight is always 20/20, no disrespect was intended to the original author. I should've credited him as well. Unfortunately, I remember sharing the game to AOL and I remember asking a person if they liked it and they didn't answer. Being a bit too sensitive at the time, I decided to not let the rest of the series I made see the light of day. In total, there are six Ikari Warriors games not related to SKC Soft, the rest of the games were all original with advancements in gameplay, branching path lines, imported graphics, etc. I was in shock, when a few years ago, did I realize that my game still existed out there. So there it is ZZTers. Enjoy!

5.00 / 5.00

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