Guinea Pig

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21 years, 2 months ago (Sep 14, 2002)

You are gus, a guinea pig with a mission. You must stop the forces of Dark Evil and save the people of earth.

For some reason, I really liked this game. It was well-done, but in a newbish kinda' way. The STK was minimal, and most of the enemies were pre-fabs, but this only seemed to give it the feel of a classic. Although it had a little too much running back and forth for my taste, the classic blinkwall and spingun obsticle courses really made me feel like I was playing zzt for the first time, again. The movie sequence at the end was simple yet elegant, and left me with a sort of "refreshed" feeling.

(+): Feels like a classic, oddly fun, doesn't require too much effort. (-): Too much running back and forth, too much ammo but not enough health.

Graphics: 3 Sound: 3 Story: 3 Fun: 4 Replay: 4

Total: 3

3.00 / 5.00

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