The Green Dragen

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17 years, 6 months ago (Dec 08, 2006)

pointless? Sure. If made in the 30 hours like the txt says, then that only makes up for this game a little.

A viovis-esqe game without the charm it makes use of a lot of dead objects for colour and overall weirdness. It seems purposely bad but doesn't really pull it off in any interesting way.

And what the hell is shadow mage talking about with the ammo thing? I'm pretty sure ZZT files can't alter ZZT. And like downloading a copy of zzt is that hard.

Anyways. I give it a 1. Maybe you'll play it and delete it.

1.00 / 5.00
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Shadow Mage
17 years, 6 months ago (Dec 05, 2006)

Dude, you really should check out ZZT syndroms. Maybe then you'd actually design a game that is fun.

No seriously!

Firstly, theres no point. The graphics, pretty much suck. No only do you have to many torches, you have no place to use them! Its really lame. Your also given too much health. If your supposed to doge things then you might as well give me a reason to doge things.

Oh, and your spelling is incredibly poor.

However I'll give you half a point (cause I'm soooo generous.) for using some stk.

And also, if I can't use ammunition in any of my games anymore, I'm going to be very pissed off at you. I don't like games that change my ZZT program. Cause then I have to download a new copy.

0.50 / 5.00

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