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Goober is a dog. His best friends are his chew toy, Ted, and the toilet he drinks out of. Goober must go on a quest to find the meaning of life, which somehow involves kibble and cyborgs.

Goober's quest is not easy. He must fight off tigers,centipedes and star-throwing tigers. As the toilet says in-game, it's a cruel world out there. Fortunately he is well equipped and Ted is there to help!

It's a very simple action game with adequate supplies when they're needed. All boards are linked with passages (which can lead to some confusion at one point), and dialogue is through scrolls or OOP-less objects. FutureWARE tried their best at music, but that's all that can be said about it.

The game can be finished in under 10 minutes, but still has a certain charm. The world-building with Goober and his friends feels vivid and the attempts at moving the plot through the boards' action and graphics augment that charm, remaining coherent throughout the game.

Goober has an amusing piece of history attached to it. FutureWARE, the author, is not to be confused with FutureWare, Inc., the company, whose members included stalwarts such as fejj, Trigger (later tseng) and Zenith. However, FutureWare, Inc. (or at least its president), were officially offended by this game and the possibility of them being mistaken as its authors, dissing it in three of their company magazines and using it as a kind of standard for 'worst ZZT game ever'.

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