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GATTACA (no relation to the 1997 film of the same name) appears to be a Star Trek inspired sci-fi adventure game. It has some charming bits of flavor text, but unfortunately you never really get a sense of where you are or what's happening due to the dearth of narration --- and what little narration there is easily missed. Things occasionally feel so disconnected that it's easy to assume that you went through an incorrect board connect (even if that's not the case). You can look up the board names in the editor to get a little more context, but that only goes so far.

There are a few neat looking boards, but by and large game is quite plain, with large empty boards full of stat-maxing mobs. Fortunately the game is quite generous with resources, so at least they aren't a stopping point.

In all, this wasn't a terrible to play, but it's just disappointing how little there was in it to grab onto, in terms of setting or characters or general exuberance.

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