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During 1800 to 1950 many countries were captured by America,Japan,USSR,France, Germany,etc.But they got freedom by fighting the ruling country


It may surprise some people, but India's independence movement wasn't always non-violent resistance. There were those who chose violence as a means to achieve freedom from the British Empire. To paraphrase the game's intro text, they were called REVOLUTIONARIES.

This game puts you in the shoes of one such Indian revolutionary or Freedom Fighter where you kill British soldiers, steal their ammo and do it again and kill higher ups in the colonial government. Will you aid the cause by raiding British armories? Will you turn the tide of history by assassinating the Viceroy of British India?

You access these missions from a hub world with a mission box that briefs you and gives you keys to unlock new missions. There's a mixture of shooting and melee action, as well as some attempts at stealth and object puzzles. The action is decent and the enemies can be unexpectedly frisky at times!

Perhaps reflecting the situation that requires an ammo raid, ammo is scarce but never to the point that you can't beat the game. In melee stages where you can't shoot back, health power-ups are generous too. However, missions are brief and apart from some instadeaths that you will work around on the second try, there's not much that game. Still, points for making a game on such an unusual historical basis.

This game was made by Shujj, whose later Flower of Light was well-regarded (if perhaps through the lens of exoticism) at the time. Freedom Fighter appears to be his first released ZZT game, but it wasn't created in a ZZTing vacuum. He's made use of contemporary toolkits and a DarkFLR music generator*, and he cites several ZZT games as an inspiration. It makes you wonder if his use of yellow borders in one board was ironic!

Random Trivia

  1. This game may be VERY loosely based on an actual armory raid that took place at around the same time in what is now Bangladesh. On the other hand, no Viceroy of India was ever assassinated while in office. Now, if only we knew whether Tim Sweeney was an Indian history buff...

  2. I would not be surprised if the quote from above came from an actual history textbook. Indian history textbooks were (are?) often tripe- I learnt that the USA joined the Second World War in 1943 during junior high, for example.

*-there's a reason why I haven't talked about the in-game music.

2.00 / 5.00
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20 years, 1 month ago (Mar 27, 2004)

Hmm, did this game have any STK? I forgot, It looked like it did'nt, (which is cool). It seems Freedom Fighter is a noobie game but none the less it is a fine noobie game. The graphics are up to par, (you can tell what they are at least), and the story is just fine for a first time. Some bugs, some bad yellow boarders, simplistic gameplay, and not that great music make up Freedom Fighter, but dont give up Shujj!

Graphics- nothing diffrent, but nothing eye torture either. You can make out what the things are and thats good. ONE LITTLE THING, THERE ARE YELLOW BOARDERS. So yeah, next time you make a game please destroy those evil, evil, yellow boarders, thank you! 2 out of 5. (it would have been 3 but those ...yellow....boarders...)

Sound- There are some attempts at music here, but I think I've heard it somewhere before, Im getting a connection to Ned the Knight, overall the music could have just been left out. It really does not help the game at all. 1 out of 5.

Gameplay- Sweet, Mission based gameplay. The gameplay puts you in diffrent missions and they are all diffrent, from simple assassinations to infiltrate missions. Not new but it has its good sides. 3 out of 5.

Story- The story will explain why you kill people and fighting for indepedance and stuff, but the story reall does nothing else for the game. 1 out of 5.

Funfactor- Simplistic gameplay with a few twists, nothing to keep you playing for long. 2 out of 5.

Overall- Shujj you could become so much more. Expaned on what you just did and you will be going somewhere. Add a little bit more story, add a real character that the peopel can, (in some way or another), relate to, and some intresting gameplay and you have a good game. I give Freedom Fighter a... 1.5 out of 5

1.50 / 5.00

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