Dr. Who Episode 1

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Ryan Ferneau
21 years, 7 months ago (Nov 05, 2002)

It's a nice attempt at transfering the greatness of the show to a game. The author probably messed up a couple of story concepts, but that's not what detracts from the game.

The general flow of the story is well-conceived. The first file has an intro level, then challenges the player to find ten golden keys to finish the game and continue to the second file. (Though for some reason I ended up with an extra key...?) The coolest part of the deal is that the player gets to choose where to go next. Some levels can be beaten at any time (sidequests), while others go in a certain order (main quest). The scoring system is neat, and the help board explains it pretty well. The second file is a couple of really hard puzzles and a couple of really hard boss battles that finish off the story. Overall, the game did a good job of mixing various gaming genres into a coherent story.

The downside is that the game is really easy to glitch up sometimes, especially on Rytop and Zeta-B7. The author ought to do some more heavy testing to foolproof the puzzles so they make a bit more sense. (And if you're trying to block off the player from the passage he/she just entered, DON'T SURROUND IT WITH FAKES AND TRY TO CHANGE THEM TO NORMALS LATER! If anything, surround the passage with one-way teleporters, then delete them when it's time to leave.) The other bad thing about the game is that most of its boards look rather ugly. Mostly it's just the old newbie "gotta fill up the board" syndrome that Tim Sweeney's first three games tended to have, plus the tacky force fields made out of water that change to forest.

4.00 / 5.00

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