Tales of Dragons

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5 months ago (Apr 23, 2023)

I was kinda expecting to have a somewhat middling opinion of this world, owing to its narrative focus and double-world length, but actually this hits the sweet spot just right. The characters are well-defined, the writing is pleasant and taut (not being bogged down by the excess of flavor text), and after a slightly slow intro the pacing is actually much brisker and more even than its board-count would suggest.

Highly recommended.

The best part of this game was when I got one of the dragon eggs at the exact same time a friend of mine who was streaming got a dragon egg in a completely unrelated game.

5.00 / 5.00
Review Date
1 year, 3 months ago (Jun 04, 2022)

This is a really solid game that I had the honor of beta-testing a few weeks ago and really, really enjoyed. Egged on by their nerdy friend Klara, Matthias and Rolf seek to control dragons and turn the tide of a war. But from its jRPG influences the game takes one definite cardinal rule: The heroes must screw up.

Top quality game all-around. It's a long game with a lot to see and do, but it doesn't drag on. The art, as one expects from Darren Hewer, is beautiful and there's lots of little flourishes (like the sea monsters appearing in the map). The action and adventure is fairly standard ZZT fare, but the charm and polish is obvious. The writing is excellent. There are even minigames!

4.50 / 5.00

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